Waterslide decal

Waterslide decal

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Decals are approx 3.75x3.75 Depending on layout of design some my be not as wide. All are 3.75" high

You will have the option to purchase 1 single image or a full sheet. If you choose the full sheet, there will be 6 of the exact same images (all the same image and the same size).


Applying the decal.

Cut out the image with scissors. Dip in warm water (not hot). The paper will roll up and then straighten out again.
When the film starts to loosen from the paper, place the paper on the substrate to be decorated, and then slide the paper from under the decal.
Work out any air bubbles with a decal squeegee and let dry. It is important to remove all water and air.

DO NOT cut out the decal first and then apply the solution, for the edges of the paper will absorb the liquid, making it impossible to later slide the decal off the paper.

All measurements are approximate and will sized accordingly to the design. If there is a custom size that you need please email us and we can accommodate.

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